There’s a science to seduction, and, just like the researchers in the lab, we believe it starts with a scent. Sometimes it’s so natural you may not even know you’re being influenced by it, and other times a romantic scent simply cannot be ignored. Before you even lather on a lotion, pick up a soap or use a spray, it’s likely you’re already tuned into the scents around you.
Researchers have found that a signal of attraction may begin with a smell, although they’re still trying to determine exactly whether there is a “sex pheromone.”
In one study, women who were asked to rate the odors of men’s t-shirts surprisingly gave top picks to t-shirts with DNA different enough from their own that it’d ultimately increase the chances of producing a baby with a healthy immune system. Other studies have highlighted that pheromones are correlated with sexuality. These pheromones, which can be described as biological signals to others, aren’t always evident to ourselves. But that hasn’t stopped aromachologists and fragrance extraordinaires from trying to figure out how exactly we can bolster those signals through scent.
Recall a time when you’ve been standing in line for a latte or sitting at a meeting and a scent from somebody nearby catches your nose that is undoubtedly pleasing. It’s musky, kind of sweet and also spicy. We’re not saying it’s our Bourbon & Vanilla bar soap, but we’re not not saying that either! Because with this blend it totally could be. This is why this aroma catches your attention: Vanilla is considered an aphrodisiac.
Some studies have found that just the smell alone can raise adrenaline and is pleasing to both men and women. The bourbon profile in the scent is more musky, which has its own separate romantic benefits. Renowned perfumer Christine Nagel told Refinery29 it “conveys a thin skinned sensuality, and it can easily arouse all the senses." Bourbon and vanilla together are very much the spicy and the sweet, the mysterious and the familiar. A perfect pairing with a little bit of sexy.
Floral scents, like rose and jasmine, are typically at the top of the list for most romantic scents, too. While rose contains amino acids that trigger happiness, jasmine is the definition of sensual. Chemicals in jasmine flowers are meant to attract pollinating insects and it turns out it works pretty well on humans, too.
We’ve combined those two scents, along with musk and mysterious scents like smoke and amber, to make the perfect romantic formula with Love Potion No. 9 Shea Butter Bath Bar. The scent is inviting, a little mysterious, sultry, and mostly irresistible.
The science of scents has revealed there’s a lot you can say with a smell. Whether it’s mystique, excitement or romance, chances are there’s a fragrance profile that can do the talking, so find your favorite, grab a soap or candle, and set the mood.