Hello there! Thanks for stopping by. This is where you get our sweet smelling story. 

Cordelia started making bath and body products out of her kitchen back in 1993 and sold them at Farmer’s Markets. Back then the company was called Essential Soaps, and she even made the paper the soap bars were wrapped in!  The business took off and soon a larger manufacturing facility was needed. She found the perfect little spot in Old Burien, Washington for $400 a month and opened up a shop called, Sweet Petula. It was a wonderful little shop supported by loyal customers - many who still use our products today.  Fast forward many years, a few new businesses (Grassroots Home & Garden, Good Clean Dog), much higher rents…..and in 2012 Formulary 55 was born.

At Formulary 55 we make not only our products, (wholesale is about 70% of the business) but also sell and showcase lines we love, made by people a lot like us. In April of 2014 we decided to shake things up and move the business from our long time home of Seattle to sunny Colorado.  We bought a 115 year old brick building and Anthony left his job at Microsoft to oversee the renovations of our new manufacturing facility.  In August 2014, the first floor was complete and ready for us to move operations to Colorado.

We are now up and running in our new Pueblo, Colorado facility where we live and work in the same building. 

Business is growing at lightning speed and we've hired a great crew here in our new home.  We started as a hand-made company and it's important to us that we remain a hand-made company even as we grow. We're just getting started, and yet you can already find Formulary 55 products in 800+ retail stores spanning 17 countries! 

Soon we'll be adding some updates that will give you a more personal insight into our team and Colorado operations so please check back. And, don't forget to follow us on Instagram & Facebook

All the best,

Cordelia & Anthony