soap scent descriptions

the following list is our stock scents that are available year round

Agave & Teakwood - A blend of seamoss, bark, cedar, teakwood, agave, aloe, and sweet melon.

Aloe Leaf & Mint - The most invigorating, zesty, "clean" scent we make.  We blend fresh aloe leaf with cooling mint and add a touch of black pepper.  This scent works well as a morning pick-me-up.

Apiary No. 55 - Formerly called "Milk & Honey" Clean, sweet, and soothing.  Almost good enough to eat!  One of our most popular blends with both men and women.  Apiary No. 55 has a very traditional "clean" yet warm scent that feels a bit nostalgic.

Autumn Equinox - Smoky, deep and earthy.  Fleeting top lavender notes mix with middle and base notes of earthy amber, burnt tea leaves, lemon, orange, and cedarwood.

Balsam & Fir - Fresh and woodsy smelling bar. Very forest-like smell...would be great for a man. We use a fresh green fir essential oil and blend with a deep amber fragrance, then add in a pinch of real balsam. Very "clean" smelling, but the amber and balsam add a bit of a vanilla like depth.

Bay Rum & Smoke Masculine and clean.  A combination of roasted tea leaves, tobacco, cedarwood & Sicilian lemon.  

Bourbon & Vanilla - A great scent is great for both men & women. Main notes are Bourbon and Tahitian Vanilla with a hint of Musk and Amber. One of our all time best sellers. Perfect if you like warming, cozy, vanilla-like scents with a little extra "sexy" mixed in.

Clementine & LimeA very straightforward 100% essential oil blended fragrance that mixes fresh clementine citrus with zesty clean lime.  We suggest this scent for people who don't like a lot of fragrance in their bath & body care.  The aroma is still potent, but very natural and fresh.

Desert Ghost Flower - A mix of warm sun and sand, amber, prickly pear, sandalwood, dry cedar, and pink ghost flowers. 

Earl Grey TeaBlack tea mixed with bergamot. Light and yet still a bit earthy.

Fern & Moss - A mix of herbaceous leaves, woods, amber, earth, and violets.  This blend smells just like the inside of a greenhouse.  

Fig Leaf Our take on a fresh green fig.  We add a touch of cranberry to this blend making it sweet, fruity, and a little bit tart.

Fleuriste - Inspired by fresh flower stalls and traditional florist shops. Fleuriste is modern floral blend with a green twist. This scent is a mix of pink carnations, peonies, cut leaves, and spring flowers.

Gardenia Blossoms - A blend of a classic floral gardenia mixed with fresh lemon for a more modern take on a traditional sweet gardenia.

Honeycomb & NeroliA refreshing and honeyed blend that combines the warmth and soothing element of honey with fresh and slightly sweet neroli.  One of our more complex scents, Honeycomb & Neroli combines the best off many fragrance is fresh, floral, warm, sensual, and delicate all at the same time. 

La NuitOur most sexy and sultry blend.  Main notes are rich and comforting amber combined with myrrh, vanilla, and Egyptian musk.  We add a French Lavender to the mix to balance some of the sweetness and add a fresh floral depth.  

Love Potion #9A smoky, sexy blend but yet still very feminine & sweet. I've mixed Italian Bergamot, with Smoke, Amber, Peru Balsam, Jasmine, Musk, Sweet Honey, Pale Rose....and a touch of Champagne.

Mother Earth - Featuring the remnants of other scents, no two bars will ever be the same, and nothing will go to waste.  The scent is a surprisingly fresh mix of most all our scents.  As we manufacture 1,000's of bars each week, a few end up short poured or dented.  We mix all these bars into one big pot, re-mill, and re-pour, creating this truly one of a kind soap.  No two bars will smell exactly the same!  

Ocean & Oakmoss -  Crisp and fresh. This mix is a blend of spices, orange zest, and old school aftershave. 

Orange Peel & Patchouli - patchouli, orange, lavender, lemongrass, pine, and a few secret ones make for a heavy, warming, and earthy scent. If you love patchouli, this one is for you!

RosewaterRosewater is sweet, delicate, and pretty. A traditional rose fragrance with a sweeter fresh twist.

Sandalwood & CedarEarthy, seductive, sophisticated, and woodsy.  Our Sandalwood & Cedar soap is made up of over 6 perfume and essential oils.

Sea Mineral - A mix of 8 different essential oils that when combined remind us of the sea.  Main notes are petitgrain, rosemary, and lavender making for a very fresh, slightly green blend with a slight briny herbal finish.

Sea Salt & Lavender - Our best selling scent.  Like fresh sea air, this scent combines crisp ocean accords with touches of jasmine and violet florals.

Spring Equinox - Sweetened honey, green grass, iris, roses, and dew kissed spring petals.  

Summer Solstice - Fresh pressed citrus rinds, a touch of ginger and geraniums, patchouli, and dried lavender.  

Sweet Pea & Clover - a delicate floral fragrance, we took a classic old fashioned sweet pea perfume and added hints of plumeria and fresh cut clover for a more modern twist.

Vetiver & Ghost Flower -  A mix of grasses, vetiver, sandalwood, oakmoss, and sage.

Vintage Peony - This fragrance is a lush velvety floral blend inspired by our favorite spring flower.  We've added just a touch of musk to tone down the ultra feminine "rosy-ness" of the flower.  Vintage Peony is our top selling floral.  

Wild Honeysuckle - This is a true honeysuckle fragrance, slightly sweet, a bit citrusy, with undertones of fresh green sharpness.

Winter SolsticeGreen balsams, woods, sharp cool notes, and with a slight added sweetness of amber. If you love our Balsam & Fir scents, this one is for you. 

Below are our holiday scents - available mid-October through mid-January (or until stock sells out)

Sugared Plum & Fig - delicately scented sweet plums mix with fresh fig.

Joyeux Noel - Crisp and sparkling mix of champagne & fresh fir needles this Joyeux Noel soap is a holiday favorite. Some say it smells slightly of apples or ginger. Great unisex scent.

Cardamom & Black Tea - We’ve sourced the most gorgeous cardamom oil and combined it with rich dark notes of black tea. 

Spiced Orange & Cedar- Spicy, warm, and rich. Sweet orange and spices mixed with earthy cedar. Wonderful for the holiday season.

Rosehip & Pepperberry - Spicy pepperberry is mixed with a tart rosehip for a crisp fall fragrance