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Lately I've been getting a lot of emails asking what specific soaps smell like.  I thought I'd put together a handy little guide for you all.  Please feel free to send me (or comment here) your take on what your favorite soap smells like.  If I use your description here on the site, I'll send you a free bar. 

Stock Scents 

Bourbon & Vanilla - This scent is great for both men & women. Main notes are Bourbon and Tahitian Vanilla with a hint of Musk and Amber. One of our all time best sellers. Perfect if you like vanilla scents with a little extra "sexy" mixed in.

Balsam & Fir - fresh and woodsy smelling bar. Very forest-like smell...would be great for a man. I use a fresh green fir essential oil and blend with a deep amber fragrance, then add in a pinch of real balsam. Very "clean" smelling, but the amber and balsam add a bit of a vanilla like depth.

Aloe Leaf & Mint - The clean scent is the most "soapy" clean scent I have created. The blend is a combination of fragrance oils (Aloe, Vetiver, and Soft Musk) and pure essential oils.

Wild Flowers & Honey - Very feminine, soft and floral, but also fresh and uplifting.

Day Dream - a fresh soft blend of cut grass, violet leaf, rose de mai, jasmine, orange blossom with black pepper and amber.

Sweet Pea & Clover - a delicate floral fragrance, one of the softest and most feminine florals we make, with a bit of berry and green clover added to the mix.

Sea Mineral - Our newest scent blend, this one is made up of 100% pure essential oils.  Sea Mineral is a blend of over 8 different plant extracts that are remind me of fresh sea water.  

Milk & Honey - Our Milk & Honey soap is one of our top selling blends. It is clean and sweet and perfect for both men and women.

Gardenia Blossoms - This fragrance is a traditional gardenia scent with an added touch of lemon.

Vintage Peony - Vintage Peony is a modern classic scent..very feminine. Soft velvety bouquet of bursting peonies delicately laced with violet and honeysuckle and warmed with seductive amber and soft musk. This is a very complex, pretty and popular scent.

Fig Leaf -  a tart bite of Cranberries and the sweet, mild allure of Fig. Cranberries and Figs are made even more striking by adding a smattering of Blood Orange and Pink Grapefruit notes to the mix.

Tea & Tobacco - main notes are warm roasted tea leaves and deep tobacco with a touch of Italian bergamot thrown in. A lovely fall or winter fragrance.

Earl Grey Tea - Black tea mixed with bergamot.

Bonjour Monsieur - Masculine and clean.  A combination of roasted tea leaves, tobacco, cedarwood & Sicilian lemon.

Sea Salt & Lavender - Like fresh sea air! This perfumed soap combines crisp clean sea spray with the soothing essential oil of lavender.

La Nuit - Main fragrance notes are amber combined with myrrh, vanilla, and Egyptian musk. French lavender is added to sweet up the mix. Very seductive and sophisticated.

Love Potion #9 - I'm in love with this scent! It is a smoky, sexy blend but yet still very feminine & sweet. I've mixed Italian Bergamot, with Smoke, Amber, Peru Balsam, Jasmine, Musk, Sweet Honey, Pale Rose....and a touch of Champagne.

Rosewater - Rosewater is sweet, delicate, and pretty. A traditional rose fragrance with a sweeter fresh twist.

Narcissus - Looking for a fresh green and clean soap? This is the bar! Narcissus is very "grassy" smelling. Reminds me of fresh cut grass with a bit of sweet daffodil mixed in.

Madame Mysterio - Seductive, sophisticated and oh so mysterious! Madame Mysterio soap is made up of over 6 perfume and essential oils.

Wild Honeysuckle - This is a true honeysuckle fragrance, slightly sweet, a bit citrusy, with undertones of fresh green sharpness.

Summer Solstice - This blend is made up entirely with essential oils including, patchouli, (yes...patchouli!) orange, lavender, lemongrass, pine, and a few secret ones. The effect is heavy, warming, and earthy. If you love patchouli, this one is for you.

Clementine & Lime - 100% pure essential oils. The blend is fresh, citrus and cleansing.

Hello Sailor -  This one makes me think of crisp sailor uniforms and freshly shaved faces. This mix is a blend of spices, orange zest, and old school aftershave.  

Holiday Scents - available mid-October through mid-January (or until stock sells out)

Sugared Plum & Fig - delicately scented sweet plums mix with fresh fig.

Joyeux Noel - Crisp and sparkling mix of champagne & fresh fir needles this Joyeux Noel soap is a holiday favorite. Some say it smells slightly of apples or ginger. Great unisex scent.

Fir & Red Berries - Smells just like Christmas! Our Fir & Red Berries blend is as festive as it gets. Spruce essential oil gives the blend a fresh tree fragrance and the cranberry adds a nice tart bite.

Rosehip & Cardamom - Spicy, sensual, warm and rich. The tart rosehip is mixed with cardamom and black pepper. Wonderful for the holiday season.



I bought the sea salt and lavender lotion, and oh my goodness this stuff has such an amazing scent and so worth the price! I purchased this from a tiny shop in Colorado a year ago, on a whim, and I still have so much left! A little goes a long way. I will be repurchasing!!! Thank you!

Apr 30, 2017

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