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It's September and everyone is excited for fall, and sweaters, and pumpkin lattes, but it is still summer here in I'm hanging on for a bit longer.  Pueblo is on a list of US cities with the lowest humidity, meaning moisturizer has become my new best friend.  My standbys are French Girl's Organic Body Oil, Oille Natural Facial Serum, and NYR's Frankincense Hydrating Facial Mist.  Mid-day mists have made a HUGE difference in my skin, thanks to skin care guru, Jordan Samuel who gave me that little tip.  If you are in Seattle, go get a facial from him.  You will see results after one treatment.  A couple of other products I have not been able to live without this summer are Schmidt's Natural Deodorants, and of course, our soaps.  Summer Solstice being my personal favorite. It is a 100% essential oil blend and very refreshing.  I also like the way it makes my entire bathroom smell a bonus benefit.

formulary 55 shea butter bath bars

Pictured above are our top selling "summery" soap scents.  Want to win a set?  Leave a comment below and I'll enter you in a drawing.  A winner will be picked at random next Thursday, September 18th.  Good luck!



Love the soaps! Haven’t tried some of these summer scents.

Mar 11, 2015


Clementine & Lime is im my shower right now;)

Mar 11, 2015


Ooh all of these are so good! Crossing my fingers!

Mar 11, 2015


That’s a good one. 100% essential oil too!

Mar 11, 2015


Love all the summer scents! Seattle misses you Corrie. Thanks for the facial tip.

Mar 11, 2015

Clarissa J Winn:

I keep facial spritz in the fridge. Lovely refresher on the hot days Portland has been experiencing.

Mar 11, 2015


Love, love your products. Earl Grey tea soap was awesome. I’d love to try Clementine and Lime…sounds like an awesome combo. On the other hand, I’ve never seen or smelled anything of yours that I didn’t love. So easy to please with Formulary 55.

Mar 11, 2015


That Clementine & Lime soap sounds divine

Mar 11, 2015

Courtney Toriumi:

This entire line is TO DIE for!! The best gift I have ever bought for myself was from Formularry 55-Two 6 month soap subscriptions. I even leave the soaps out on our book shelf because the packaging is so pretty and makes our living area smell wonderfully dreamy! So far the Fig Leaf and Sweet Pea & Clover are my faves. The soaps and lotions are the ONLY thing I put on before bed! Absolute Heaven!!

Mar 11, 2015


Would love to try these products! Thanks for the recommendation on facial in Seattle.

Mar 11, 2015

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