Any product with Arnica as a main ingredient in it has been a huge hit around here (with me and with you!)  This product, Trauma Healer, made by Molly Muriel is a consistent customer favorite.  Those who try it love it and often come back for multiple bottles.  Owner, and product maker, Branda Tiffany, over at Molly Muriel posted some great info about this herb and her process.

"This little yellow flower, also known as Arnica Montana, is known to be a miraculous anti-inflammatory that’s great for muscle soreness and stiffness.  Whether you have arthritis, painful joints, bruises, or a sprain, when used topically Arnica is commonly used to reduce pain and swelling.  Definitely one for the first aid kit!"

We sell two versions of this product, the lotion, which "is made by steeping the herb before emulsification, but is never heated over 140º to keep all of Arnica’s medicinal benefits alive.  Rub it directly on your joint, bruise, or muscle for relief."  An added benefit  of the lotion is that is smells AMAZING.  Very herbal and fresh...a bit "foresty."  Like fresh evergreens.

My personal favorite is the  bath & body oil.  "made by doing a 90 day solar infusion before it is strained, bottled, and combined with a blend of essential oils that have similar healing qualities.  Apply it directly to the afflicted area, or pour in your bath -- the hot water will loosen the muscles and open your pores, allowing the Arnica’s benefits to soak right into your tissue!"

If you are in the Portland area, make sure to check out Molly Muriel's new storefront.  Open Wednesdays-Saturdays, they stock not only their handmade body care, but also bulk medicinal herbs and essential oils.

Molly Muriel 11049 SE 21st Ave. Milwaukie, OR 97222



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