The Importance of Creating Self-Care Rituals
(Photos by The Fine Photo Co.)
Self-care. It’s on the minds, and lips, of virtually everyone this year. And for good reason. Life keeps getting busier and busier. It’s easier than ever to become stressed out, and even worse, burned out, while pursuing a life that we love. That’s why here at Formulary 55 we place a heavy importance in self-care rituals. We rely on our rituals to ground us while giving us the energy to continue living our full, rich lives and nurturing our minds, bodies and spirits.
If just thinking about adding one more activity to your plate makes your palms sweat, don’t worry. Self-care rituals aren’t designed to complicate your life. They’re designed to complement it! So whether you have five minutes once a week or two hours every day, there’s a ritual for you. Because, PSA: Your yoga class every once in a blue moon isn’t cutting it. Read on for three of our favorites! 



Transform the bath into a serene retreat and achieve a state of bliss with the help of sea salts. From relaxing sore muscles to calming a frenzied mind, we can thank salt minerals for a whole host of benefits. Our salt bath ritual starts by putting our phone on Do Not Disturb. Fill the tub with warm water, drop in a Bath Fizzy in Clementine & Lime, formulated with a blend of ground dead sea salts, epsom salts, and a signature essential oil blend ideal for relaxation, dim the lights, and hit play on your favorite soothing playlist, meditation podcast or, opt for total silence! We recommend soaking for 20 minutes or more at least once a week. And we dare you to lock the door! 


When times get tough, it’s easy to focus on the negative and what we don’t have, instead of being grateful for what we do have. A daily gratitude practice can solve that. Giving thanks is the purest way to self-care. Our gratitude journal ritual starts by finding a quiet place where we can think clearly. We start by lighting a Frosted Glass Candle in Bourbon & Vanilla to set the mood and take a few deep breaths, then formulate simple statements starting with “I am grateful for...” Write down whatever comes to mind, but don’t force it. The key is to really feel it. Do this daily to find your center, gain clarity and approach the world with kindness. 


Take a cue from our founder, Cordelia Smith, the original self-care expert (she’s been perfecting the art of self-care with her handmade products since the 1990s!), and create an at-home spa ritual to achieve a whole new level of zen. The best part of this ritual is that you can customize it based on how you’re feeling. Treat your hardworking feet to the Peppermint & Eucalyptus Foot Soak. Pamper your body with the Sea Clay Body Mask or Body Polish with Grapefruit & Rosemary. Rejuvenate your face with the Organic Botanical Facial SteamOrganic Oatmeal Facial Scrub or Rosehip & Clay Facial Mask. Start with one or do them all, it’s up to you! Just keep in mind that the more often you do it (we suggest two rituals twice a week), the bigger the benefit you get, and not just for your skin!

Whatever you do, just remember to do it for you. Happy self-caring!

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