The Art of the Facial Steam - 5 Steps To Relaxation

We have this thing for old school beauty rituals. Unlike the quick fixes of today, they all require one universal component. And that’s time (aka: the purest form of self-care). But there’s one beauty ritual in particular that’s been around for ages that’s the definition of self-care, and it just so happens to be the one that we’re most keen on. Facial steaming. It’s the secret weapon of glowing complexions everywhere (including our founder Cordelia Smith’s). The benefits of facial steaming are seemingly endless. From deeply cleansing and healing acne to injecting moisture and providing instant relaxation, it’s hands down the most affordable beauty ritual with the biggest payoff out there. And thanks to our Botanical Facial Steam, featuring a blend of hand selected herbs and flowers, it’s now also the easiest. Get started creating your very own facial steaming ritual in just five easy steps.

Step 1: Gather the necessities
As with everything in life, planning is essential to success. Start by collecting everything you’ll need to steam.

·      A large heatproof bowl
·      Towel
·      3 cups of boiling water
·      Botanical Facial Steam

Step 2: Cleanse and exfoliate your skin
The best way to start any beauty ritual is with clean skin. And when it comes to facial steaming, this is a must-do. Wash away dirt, oil, impurities, and makeup with your favorite cleanser, then follow with a gentle scrub to slough off dead skin. Doing so will ensure that the steam will penetrate deep down into cells, so you’ll reap all the benefits of the herbs and flowers. 

Step 3: Prepare the steam
Toss ½ of our Botanical Facial Steam into a bowl and pour boiling water over it. Gently stir the mixture, and allow to steep for 1-2 minutes. This also gives the water time to cool slightly. If the steam is still too hot, allow water to cool for a few more minutes. The key is to be patient here to ensure you don’t burn the skin, which will do more harm than good.

Step 4: Time to steam
Position your face over the steam and drape a towel over your head and shoulders, creating a tent over the bowl. Now that you’re here, take some deep breaths and let the steam do the work. You’ll want to steam for a minimum of 10 minutes, so enjoy it! Meditate, reflect on your week, mentally express your gratitude, or simply enjoy the stillness. Whatever you do, make it work for you. Just don’t spend more than 15 minutes over the steam. 

Step 5: Treat your skin 
Rinse your face with cool water and follow with your favorite skincare products. This part is key, as your pores are open, and absorption is at its highest. Your products will be able to penetrate deeper, increasing their effectiveness. Cordelia’s current routine includes a rose spray toner, hyaluronic acid serum, eye cream, and facial oil.

And that’s it! Disguised as a ritual for the skin, we have a feeling that you’ll agree that facial steaming works wonders on the mind and spirit, too. Maybe that’s why we like to think of it as an art form. Happy steaming!