Guest Post by Greetabl.
The fun, light-hearted nature of Valentine’s Day is often clouded by the stress of picking out the perfect gift for your recipient. Instead of being solely focused on candy hearts and cute cards, we taint the holiday by adding stress. We add pressure. Not to mention, we add an insane mark-up to gimmicky gifts. (We have a lot to say on that topic, but we’ll save it for another time!) 
We get it. Searching for THE gift is often not a fun process. You aimlessly wander through the aisles of Target or mindlessly scan the pages of Google. Even with hours of research, you're left reeling with a lot of bad options. The gifting industry has done a major disservice to this holiday. What do you give to a new partner? A partner you’ve been with for ages? Or, what do you give to a friend? Should you get your co-worker a gift for Valentine’s Day? There is a lot to consider, regardless of relationship type. 
If you’re stuck on gift ideas, you can take comfort in the good news ahead. The gifting experts at Greetabl are not short on opinions! We’re kinda like Cupid... only far better and a lot less creepy. It’s in our ethos to make you the best friend, partner, co-worker, and family member you can be. We’re here to help you find the best gift for Valentine’s Day so you can get back to the good stuff. Which, of course, is eating sour candy. 
Our best advice? 
Check out our suggestions on how to implement the 5 Love Languages into your Valentine’s Day gifts: 
An Intro to Love Languages 
If you’re new to the concept of the 5 Five Love Languages, let us introduce you to a revolutionary idea by Dr. Gary Chapman. He has pinpointed five key areas in which people give and receive love. People rank the five expressions of love in various positions, meaning, the way you receive love is likely different than your partner, co-worker, or friend. 
The five categories of receiving love are as follows: 
  1. Words of Affirmation
  2. Physical Touch
  3. Acts of Service
  4. Quality Time
  5. Gifts 
If this all feels like a foreign language, we recommend starting at the foundation. Ask your person to get started here so you may learn their love language(s). There are versions for couples, kids, teens, and singles. All are welcome to participate, so head there and come back to us. We can wait! 
Getting Started
Once you know your recipient’s love language, use the below information to choose the perfect gift that will “speak” to them. Remember, don’t get overly hung up on who the recipient is. Instead, consider how they best receive love. 
Note: it is possible to have a tie on your top love languages. It’s also common to have love languages that rank pretty similar to one another. In that case, pick one language and lean entirely in. You’ll see what we mean!
Words of Affirmation 
If your person responds best to verbal encouragement, leverage the power of words. The great thing about this love language is that the gift can be practically anything, as long as it is accompanied by a thoughtful hand-written note. Don’t make us eat our words on this advice. You cannot give a shower radio as long as you get a card. That is not how it works. 
Instead, brainstorm ways to make the message a part of the present. In fact, that is how Greetabl was started!
  •  Do you have a sentimental note that you can frame? If not, can you write one?
  • Get the recipient’s favorite quote hand-painted by a local artist. 
  • Frame your favorite text conversation or print it out and place it inside a card. 
  • Send a Greetabl gift! We’re a little biased, but one of the best things about Greetabl is the ability to personalize your message. Our experts on chat are wordsmiths and can help you along the way. Best part, we promise not to tell anyone that you had a little assistance! If you’re looking for a gift recommendation, we recommend the fan-favorite bath fizzy from Formulary 55. 
Regardless of which direction you head in, simply writing “Happy Valentine’s Day” will not cut it. Generic words will leave your recipient feeling a bit like an afterthought, as opposed to the most special person in the world (like we know they are!). 
Physical Touch 
People with the love language of physical touch appreciate nearness and closeness with their people. Time snuggled up on the couch watching a movie together goes a long way (and doesn’t cost anything!). Same goes for a foot rub or scalp massage. The TLDR: schedule some time to pamper your person. Make it a cute presentation or make it spontaneous, but don’t give a half-hearted attempt and call it a “gift”. Consider ways to make your efforts feel extra special. 
If you’re shopping for a platonic relationship, browse around for a weighted blanket. It’s a comforting way to help your recipient feel supported and is great for sleep. Remember to operate in the tangible gifts - cozy, cuddly, and all the feels. 
Acts of Service 
We’ve got this one paired down to two words: love coupons. 
Gift your person the ability to get their car washed, the dishes washed, and their favorite meal prepared. Whatever they dread most, make a coupon for it. Do they grumble about trash duty? Make several for that. 😂
You can include these love coupons inside one of the three customizable squares of your Greetabl gift, or you can download the one-page sheet. Whichever way you go, you’ll have your recipient swooning!
Quality Time 
Just because your person’s love language is quality time does not mean you get off easy. No, their gift cannot be you. 
Prepare their favorite meal while they sit at the counter. Don’t let them assist, but do engage in meaningful conversation together. Once you sit down to eat your meal, put your phones away in a basket for uninterrupted quality time. This is great for platonic and romantic relationships alike. 
Buy virtual concert tickets for an artist they enjoy and spend an evening together. Think of their favorite activities and get excited. For quality time people, they want your heart to be in it! No distracted or half-attempts at showing up for them. 
People with the top love language of gifts often get a bad wrap for being materialistic. We think this is an unfair misconception, as the item's value is not directly correlated to its monetary value. For these individuals, the gift is about the thoughtfulness of the item. It’s about opening something and feeling truly seen and known. That is what makes people with this love language feel special. 
  • Does your gift-appreciating person have a signature scent? A favorite candle they always burn? 
  • Have they mentioned always wanting something? 
  • Are you able to find a brand they’ve never heard of before or support a small artist/maker? 
Whatever you choose, make sure to put some thought into your recipient. Set a timer and write down everything they love - see if you can come up with a pattern for the perfect gift for your gift-lover! Remember, it’s not about the money. 
Greetabl Bio: Greetabl makes it easy to send fun, affordable, and memorable gifts so that you can feel closer to the people who matter in your life. Customers customize a card with their own pictures and a message, and select a gift to go with it. The card folds up into a gift box around the gift and is shipped directly to their loved ones in a perfect little package. Gifts generally range from $20-$30, making it the most thoughtful way to connect with your people on any occasion.