6 Ways Women Can Use Our Modern Men's Care Beard Oil

(Photos by Kelli Hiser Photography)

6 Ways Women Can Use Our Modern Men's Care Beard Oil 

It doesn’t happen often. He’s typically the one stealing your products. Whether it’s your toothpaste, shampoo, hand crème, or face scrub, 9 times out of 10, if you can’t find it, it’s likely because he used it (and didn’t put it back). But we want to let you in on a little secret. He’s using a product that you should consider swiping. He relies on it to keep facial hair and the skin below it hydrated and oh-so-soft, and it’ll work wonders on your cuticles, skin, and hair. So what is this mystery product? It’s our Modern Men’s Care Beard Oil. Not your average beard oil, it’s formulated with four naturally powerful oils—argan, jojoba, grapeseed, and almond—and scented with a blend of essential oils that won’t leaving you smelling like a man. It does so much more than the name implies. Read on for 6 alternative ways we love using it.

1.Cuticle Oil

One day you’re admiring your freshly manicured nails, then the next, your cuticles have taken on a life of their own. And not one you’re proud to display. Nourish ragged cuticles back to a state of health with a drop of his beard oil. It contains almond oil, which absorbs quickly in the skin while providing lasting hydration. Massage into the cuticles (and all over hands, while you’re at it), and not only will your skin thank you, but you’ll extend the life of your manicure, too. 

2. Face Oil

We’ve all been there. You’ve just washed your face and when you reach for your facial oil, you realize that you’re completely out. And you’re not about to put whatever you can find in your vanity on your face. His beard oil is the perfect solution (and not only for a one-time use!). It’s formulated with argan oil, which is packed with omega fatty acids, Vitamin E and linoleic acids—the same ingredients found in your favorite oil—to optimally hydrate without clogging your pores. 


3. Hair Mask

Dry, frizzy hair is an equal opportunity offender. Blame it on your love/hate relationship with hot tools or your affinity for texturizing spray (we’re guilty, too), but whatever it is, sometimes your hair needs a little extra something. Skip the salon and opt for an at-home hair mask using his beard oil. Mix a full dropper into a quarter-sized amount of your everyday conditioner, apply to hair, and leave on for 10 minutes before rinsing. The jojoba oil will hydrate strands while encouraging a healthy shine.

4. Makeup Remover

After years of perfecting your no-makeup look, you can do it in your sleep. It’s the removal of said makeup that still poses a challenge. When it comes to taking off your makeup (including waterproof formulas), forget wipes, harsh cleaners, and scrubs. His beard oil is the perfect solution, providing the ultimate oil cleanse by dissolving makeup, dirt, and impurities. Warm 3-4 drops in the palms of your hands, apply to face, massage lightly in a circular motion, then gently wipe off oil with a warm washcloth. We dare you to go back to your regular makeup remover!

5. Boosting Hydration In Your Moisturizer

A change of seasons. A new diet. Too much time in the sun. Not enough water. Even the smallest of changes can throw your skin for a loop. Instead of making a frenzied trip to your favorite beauty store to buy the heaviest moisturizer you can find, reach for his beard oil. The power of grapeseed oil will not only boost your beloved moisturizer’s hydration power, but will help seal hydration into skin cells. Cocktail a few drops into your existing moisturizer and apply away.

6. Tame Flyaways

No matter your blow out skills, there is always at least one flyaway (on a good day). And if you’re like us, it will inevitably drive you crazy. His beard oil to the rescue! Warm a drop on between fingertips and apply, very sparingly (remember it’s an oil), to unruly hairs. It’s lightweight enough not to weigh hair down, but strong enough to keep hair in place. 
There you have it! Clearly we think our Beard Oil is so much more than any other beard oil (so much that we think it’s worthy of buying for yourself!). But if you’re content on borrowing, just remember to give it back to him when you’re done.