Facial Mists

Right before I moved to Colorado, I got the best skin care tip from my esthetician, Jordan Samuel that has made a huge difference in my skin.  Mist it!
I have always thought of a facial mist as a quick refresher for humid weather or to fight the heat, which they are great for, but as a daily skin care practice, misting my skin (daily and year round) has really balanced and brightened my complexion.  Some of my favorites for treating different skin types are: Water You Waiting For - great for hydrating dry skin (major bonus...this one also smells divine), and the range of mists from Aenon's.
There are also a ton of DIY recipes out there to make your own mists for all different types of skin.  I've been working on a few recipes (I got a still for my birthday!) and I promise to share them once I have the recipes just right.