say yes to adventure!

We made it to Colorado and the adventure begins!

The road trip down was absolutely beautiful.  Normally, the drive from Seattle to Pueblo takes about 24 hours, but we took a longer scenic route which took us 5 days and through Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, and Western Colorado.  The picture above I took at the Idaho/Montana border.  The air in that exact spot smelled amazing.  Natures perfume at its best.

Now we are getting situated here in Pueblo.  It is taking us longer than expected to get completely settled and set up....I should have figured as much, but I never considered how long it would take me to get used to making, wrapping, packing and shipping in a completely new environment.  This week we should be back up to speed.  I'm so excited for our new manufacturing space.  It is not only beautiful, but the layout is well thought out and designed for maximum product making (good news for our retailers who often have to wait almost 5 weeks to get their orders)  As soon as I get used to working here, we will be hiring people to help.

Pueblo is really lovely.  The sky here is beautiful everyday and the sun is always shining.  I think I've gotten more sun in the last few weeks then the last few years in Seattle.  Apparently, we have been getting much more rain here than is normal (I hope we didn't bring it with us!) but the weather down here is *practically perfect.

*it gets HOT...air conditioning getting installed at the building tomorrow!


These sunflowers grow EVERYWHERE here.  There is a giant field of them just steps from our temporary apartment.  So pretty!  I hope I never think of them as weeds.

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