$ 11.25

SIZE/DESCRIPTION: These stylish and unique artisan scented candles are a collaboration between The Soap & Paper Factory and Patch NYC. These hand crafted votive candles are 100% pure soy and will burn for approximately 20 hours. 3 oz. in glass votive container.

Available in the following scents:

Owl: {sandalwood, tobacco, vetiver} Elusive and wise like the night owl; earthy as a twilight forest.

Serpent: {petitgrain, hay absolute, geranium} Enchanting and smoothly seductive; vivid and crisp as a lush garden.

Ship: {cedarwood, vetiver, geranium} Multi-layered and deep as the sea; a scent infused with the spirit of discovery.

Fedora: {citrus, vetiver, nutmeg, patchouli} Circa 1920's debonair gent strolling the countryside; a most stylish fragrance.,

Swallow: {orange blossom, rosewood, cyclamen, oakmoss} A high-flying floral medly imbued with a graceful earthiness; a curiously enduring fragrance.

Stag: {Siberian fir, cilantro, citrus, raspberry} Fresh as a brisk morning walk in the woods, cozy as an evening by a roaring fire; a festive scent for celebrating the season.

Skull: {black tea, anise, basil, citrus} Captivatingly subtle and surprising, a mysterious other-worldly delight


MADE BY: Soap and Paper Factory products are hand crafted in New York. The line was created to combine all natural, beautifully scented, handmade products wrapped in exquisite, earth friendly packages. Each fragrance is designed to stimulate the mind, body and spirit.