$ 9.99

SIZE/DESCRIPTION: A heavenly scented shave oil to smoothly shave even the most stubborn of beards. Shaving oil softens the hair and lubricates the razor's path to eliminate razor-burn resulting in a clean shave without leaving your skin oily. Scent blend is a mix of Jasmine, White Grapefruit, Lavendar and Cedarwood to create a fresh clean scent with a hint of wood and spice. 1 oz in glass container with dropper.

DETAILS: Apply 2-3 drops to wet skin and shave, rinsing razor often.

MADE BY: Royal Apothic in Los Angeles, Ca. Founder Sean O’Mara created Royal Apothic to awaken memories and infuse whimsy into everyday life. “I wanted to create a product so beautiful, you just have to leave it out on display, and a formula so decadent you just have to use it.”