$ 81.00

A carefully crafted waste free razor kit made to last with quality sustainable materials. It offers a single blade solution for a close shave with less irritation.  

Ideal for sensitive skin.


  • Ritology Razor - Made to last with high grade zinc alloy & bronze metal. A protective BPA Free white coating ensures a smooth glide along the skin.

  • 10 blade refills (20 sides) Each blade lasts 5-10 shaves depending on the coarseness of your hair.

  • Travel Tin - Ever reusable protective case. 

Packs of 10 replacement blades also available for $15.

DETAILS: Did you know that the Ritology Razor could save you over $120 per year! With a long lasting handle, durable protective case and low cost replacement blades - you can say goodbye to the plastic rubbish forever!


WHAT IS A SAFETY RAZOR? Simply put, it’s an old school shaving tool made of metal featuring a quality removable blade. It’s called a safety razor as it includes a bar to keep the blade from directly hitting the skin. Unlike most disposable razors, a safety razor only has one blade which is exposed on both sides providing for longer lasting blades and shaves.

WHAT IS THE RAZOR MADE OF? Made to last with high grade zinc alloy & bronze metal, our BPA free razor is beautifully coated to ensure a smooth glide along the skin for a close, long lasting shave. Yes, however your saftey razor blades must be in checked luggage.

CAN I TRAVEL WITH THE RAZOR? Yes, however your safety razor blades must be in checked luggage. Unfortunately due to the ability to remove the blade from the shell with ease means that they are not allowed in carry on luggage. 

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