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Indoor Plant Food Gift Set

The perfect gift for the Plant Lady in your life (or perhaps YOU are that plant lady?.....we won't tell!) 

From Norfolk Natural Living this plant care kit is designed to make tending to your plants more stylish.  Made in small batches with seaweed harvested in Great Britain near the makers home.  

Set includes plant food and atomizer to use in the care and feeding of your indoor plants.  

DIRECTIONS: this general indoor plant food can be used for a multitude of different plants - always check each plant's specific needs (as some like to be fed on their leaves and some prefer to be misted on the base and the stem). Fill the clear glass bottle with water, then place two droplets of feed into the water - shake to disperse and then happily mist the base or leaves during the growing season once every 7-10 days. (Make fresh every two weeks).

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