$ 14.00

SIZE/DESCRIPTION: Get sexy, beachy waves in minutes with this sea salt spray hair volumizer. Inspired by the magical combination of moisture and salt in the sea air which has an instant texturizing effect on the hair. Extra conditioning from organic aloe vera and coconut oil make this salt spray a healthier alternative to chemical-laden mass market products. 8 oz. frosted glass bottle with atomizer top.

DETAILS: Spritz on hair after shampooing. Comb through, then scrunch hair with towel to dry. May also be sprayed on roots of already dry hair for added volume/texture. For super-waves, wash hair, spray on/comb through & make 2 French braids hair or roll into topknot and let dry overnight.


"This stuff rocks! I have naturally wavy/curly hair and all I have to do is spray and go. AWESOME! Left my hair feeling soft too. Also a great styling spray for when I want a bit more control of my mane- my hair handles heat beautifully with this spray in when it's already dry. Love it!" Amy, CO

"I've been using sea salt sprays in my hair for years and have tried almost all the professional grade versions. Kristeen's smells better and works better, and I love that I can support her family instead of supporting Bumble and Bumble! Thank you Kristeen!" Erin, CA

MADE BY: French Girl Organics in Seattle, WA. With a lifelong passion for herbs, flowers, and gardens and a love of all things French, proprietress Kristeen makes yearly trips to the Languedoc province, which borders the Mediterranean from the Rhone to Spain, to keep the love alive by creating her interpretation of all that she adores about the place. Every product that French Girl Organics sells is handmade from Kristeen's original recipes that have been tested and used by her family for over 20 years.

INGREDIENTS: Formulation includes 3 types of salts (Epsom, Organic Breton Sea Salt, and Himalayan Pink Salt) with a touch of Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Aloe, Grapefruit Seed Extract, and our Organic Rosa Damescena Essence (a light rose scent).