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These hand sanitizers are from Olivine, a small batch maker out of Seattle. One of the first apothecaries to open in Seattle in the 1990s, Cordelia, our CEO, has admired the brand for many years. While the cost of the raw materials has gone up considerably over the past few weeks, you can rest assured that there's no price gouging happening here. We have priced these products in accordance with our standard pricing protocols, and they will remain at this price into the future.

P.S. We love this product so much that we've donated it to all of our UPS drivers! 

Keep your hands clean and your mind calm with this 70% ORGANIC alcohol hand sanitizer spray from Olivine Atelier. 

Made with organic alcohol, pure essential oils, and flower essences .  The alcohol kills virus and germs as the proprietary blend of Bach Flower Remedies helps to alleviate feelings of fear, worry, panic and stress. 

SIZE/DESCRIPTION: 80 ml aluminum bottle with black spray cap

DETAILS: Spray on hands and surfaces often to kill germs.  Follow up with lotion as this is made with mainly alcohol. 



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