Bitters by Essential Apothecary Alchemist
$ 9.00

SIZE/DESCRIPTION: 59 ml/2 fl oz. -  The origin of a bitter can be traced back to ancient Egypt and the practice of infusing herbs and wine for medicinal purposes.  Today the use of bitters is still recognized both as digestive and as a flavoring for both non-alcoholic beverages & cocktails. Made in small batches and numbered by hand. 

Available in the following flavors:

Smoke - An infusion of a secret blend of herbs and spices with a high quality single malt scotch whiskey to render the perfect subtly bitter smoke flavor.

Cardamom - The natural bitterness of cardamom will add the warmth of an ancient spice to any cocktail or bubbly drink for the perfect pairing of flavors. Spice it up!

Lavender - Is composed of a clean floral bouquet of lavender, spices and citrus. Lavender is known to aid in soothing anxieties and calming the nerves.

Grapefruit - The tropical fruit's natural bitterness is enhanced with all natural hops. Add the bright citrus warmth of grapefruit to any cocktail or to soda water for a refreshing treat.

Spiced Chocolate - Starts with a high quality single malt scotch, swirl in some classic BBQ flavors, a healthy kick of spicy chili and finished off with chunks of pure Valrhona chocolate for a zesty punch.

DIRECTIONS: Add a few drops to your favorite tea, soda water or cocktail to add a brilliant & natural flavor

MADE BY: Essential Apothecary Alchemist, who focus on the use of pure essential oils and the highest quality ingredients blended together to create simple yet transformative products right out of Seattle, Washington.

INGREDIENTS: Spirits, Organic or Natural Herbs & Barks, Organic Spices & Citrus Rine, . *Shake well before use*