jasmine amber perfume
$ 22.00

We chose this room spray as part of our Fall Favorites based on the sandalwood notes.  It is so lovely and woodsy with touches of calming florals.  The perfect fall scent!

Need a little CALM added to your self-care routine?  We are obsessed with this collection from Gavin Luxe.  Made in the USA in small batches with the goal of helping you to unwind and relax.  

SIZE/DESCRIPTION: A warming complex blend of jasmine, amberwood, myrrh, and black rose to scent both your home and body.  Spray liberally in the air, body, and linens.  

TOP - jasmine, lily, ginger
MID -  amberwood, sandalwood, patchouli
BASE -  black rose, vanilla, peppercorn, myrrh


3.4 oz glass spray bottle

DIRECTIONS: Shake Well. Spray liberally in the air, body (avoid eyes), clothing and linen. Test on an inconspicuous area prior to use.

INGREDIENTS: SD Alcohol 40, deioniozed water, fragrance , butylene glycol, glycerin. CAUTION: Flammable. Keep away from flames or high heat.

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