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Self Love Potion is a body mist, a hair refresh, a room spray, a linen spray and a lucky charm all rolled into one. For best results use multiple times a day!  Just shake, wish, and spray.  

SIZE/DESCRIPTION: 2 oz glass bottle with mist sprayer


Use Self Love Potion When You Feel:

♢ Anxiety + Fear

♢ Not Quite 'Enough'

♢ Overall Dullness

♢ Less Than Desirable

Use Self Love Potion When You Want To Feel:

♢ Magnetic Beauty

♢ Unshakeable Self Love

♢ Sexy + Confident

♢ Calm + Ease

♢ Like The Badass Queen That You Truly Are

 Essential Oils:

♢ Coconut - the most delicious beachy scent, a gentle reminder of beach vacations and sun-kissed skin

♢ Hawaiian Sandalwood - super seductive and grounding

♢ Sweet Orange - picks you up and cheers you up, even on the darkest days

♢ Lavender - calming and intuitive, stress and anxiety are washed away

Flower Essences:

♢ Larch - the ultimate confidence booster, you are absolutely amazing, just as you are, right this very moment

♢ Crab Apple - for when you just don't feel like you are 'perfect' enough

♢ Pink Monkeyflower - allows you to show up and feel safe being gloriously you

♢ Missouri Primrose - lets go of guilt, self sabotage, and feelings of unworthiness  

♢ Buttercup - helps you realize your worth based on who you truly are, not on who you believe society is telling you to be

♢ Goldenrod - assists you to stop seeking outside approval and gain inner strength and conviction about who you truly are


♢ Morganite - this gorgeous pink gem is all about calling in your true love. Ideally we have true love for ourselves first and foremost...but having true love for yourself and with another is pretty hot too!

INGREDIENTS: Distilled Water, Pure Essential Oils, Flower Essences + Crystals.  Made in Seattle, Washington by Olivine Atelier



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