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meet the maker - park soap

Park Soap is simply the most natural line of soap you can find.  Made for the bathing purist with the highest of standards.  These generously sized soaps are carefully handmade in the traditional cold process method in small batches.  Only the highest quality, organic and sustainable oils are used.  No synthetic fragrances, dyes, sodium laureth sulfates or parabens are ever included.  I met the owner of Park Soap at the New York Stationery Show this last spring and was instantly taken with these chunky botanical soaps.   If you love naturally pure and subtly scented soaps, this is the brand for you.  

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best end of summer products & giveaway time!

french girl organics body oils

It's September and everyone is excited for fall, and sweaters, and pumpkin lattes, but it is still summer here in I'm hanging on for a bit longer.  Pueblo is on a list of US cities with the lowest humidity, meaning moisturizer has become my new best friend.  My standbys are French Girl's Organic Body Oil, Oille Natural Facial Serum, and NYR's Frankincense Hydrating Facial Mist.  Mid-day mists have made a HUGE difference in my skin, thanks to skin care guru, Jordan Samuel who gave me that little tip.  If you are in Seattle, go get a facial from him.  You will see results after one treatment.  A couple of other products I have not been able to live without this summer are Schmidt's Natural Deodorants, and of course, our soaps.  Summer Solstice being my personal favorite. It is a 100% essential oil blend and very refreshing.  I also like the way it makes my entire bathroom smell a bonus benefit.

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Meet the Maker - Marble & Milkweed

Briar of Marble & Milkweed

Marble & Milkweed products are made by hand and with great love, in New York City.  Designed to simplify the way you care for yourself, all products are formulated almost exclusively using organic and fair-trade ingredients. They are gentle and contain no harsh chemicals or artificial scents.  We chose to sell these products at  Formulary 55 because they are simply packaged, and delicately, yet complexly scented.  Briar, the master maker's, past life as a pastry chef really shines through.  Our top selling item from her collection is the Cardamom Body Butter.  My favorite however is hands down the Bath Nectar.

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Meet The Maker - Formulary 55

Cordelia and Anthony of Formulary 55

I wanted to give you all a little background on the people who make the products we carry.  So, drum roll please....welcome to my new Formulary 55 "Meet The Maker" blog series!  I thought I'd start with us, as for now, the majority of what we sell is made by us.  Looking ahead, our plans include adding many more handmade small batch lines to the Formulary 55 range.  If you know of a great line we should look into, or perhaps make yourself, please contact me!  Finding something new and different (and of course effective) is the best part of my job.  I love trying new treatments, soaps, soaks, lotions, potions...what have you, and am constantly adding to my collection.  It could actually be a bit of a problem.  A storage problem should see my bathroom counters!

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Favorite 5 at Formulary 55 - Summer Edition


Our Summer Favorite 5 Gift box is available for a short time (as of today, I only have 7 left)  Each season I put together a set of 5 top selling (& loved) items from the shop.  It is a great way to try some favorites for a fraction of the retail price.  I don't spill the beans on what is included....that is part of the fun!  But, I usually give a few hints.  The summer box contains something for your legs, body, and home.  Think refreshing and clean and crisp.

Cost is $30.00 (retail value $53.00)

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