Formulary 55's Favorite Stocking Stuffers Under $25

Our Favorite Stocking Stuffers Under $25 
Big gifts get all the glory. But we know that size isn’t everything. If you ask us, stocking stuffers are where it’s at. And—PSA—you don’t have to spend a ton (because we know the holidays can get crazy, fast). In fact, you don’t have to spend more than $25. From the one who already has everything to the holiday junkie, we have affordable gift ideas that take the guesswork out of shopping for every personality in your life.
For the One Who Has Everything
There’s always one on your list. The one that you rack your brain shopping for, year after year. If they didn’t already have everything, maybe things would be easier. Our solution? Give them one of our Limited Edition Holiday Soaps ($10). Done and done.
For the Overachiever
They (seemingly) do it all, and all of the time. They’re the one who somehow cracked the code to maximizing all 24 hours of the day, and do it with a smile on their face. Give them an excuse to slow down, even just for a few minutes, with our Sea Mineral Foot Soak ($7).
For the Beauty Lover 
They’re the first person you call when you need a recommendation for the latest and greatest product. They know the inside of a Sephora like the back of their hand. They mask like it’s their job. So give them what they need to keep doing their job well, our Rosehip & Clay Facial Mask ($8).
For the Amateur Chef
If their hands aren’t up in the business side of a turkey, they’re up in the sink washing dishes. You have them (and that Wednesday night cooking class) to thank for so many incredible meals this year. Offer up a little comfort for their hardworking hands with our Shea Butter Hand Creme in Bourbon & Vanilla ($18).
For the Athletic Type 
From trying the latest spin class and training for their next half marathon to a regular date with the reformer, they are always up for a challenge and aren’t afraid to break a sweat doing it. Thankfully they’re already big believers in the restorative powers of the bath, so give them something you know they’ll use, a Sparkling Bath Tablet ($6) in their favorite scent. 
For the Holiday Junkie
We all know one of them. The one who started playing Christmas music way before Thanksgiving. The one who’s unofficially going after the world record for watching Elf the most times. Give them our Botanical Apothecary Candle in Balsam & Fir ($24) so they can enjoy a scent of the season well into the start of the New Year. 
Holiday shopping doesn’t have to be hard. And we’re here to help. Just be sure to place your holiday orders by Sunday, December 16th, 2018 to ensure delivery on time! 

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