Apiary No. 55 New Scent Name for Formulary 55
While attending trade shows and through other connections, we've always had really great experiences with fellow makers and bath and beauty brands. They have been nothing but positive and inspiring.
That changed a bit in 2019 when we were sued by a spa in Texas.  This company took issue with us calling one of our scent names "Milk & Honey."  Although we have been selling products by this name since 2010, this company asserted we were profiting off of them and their image.  The truth is, we had not even heard of this company until they sent us a letter with their demands.  
We found the entire thing to be absolutely ridiculous and steeped in greed.  Our 1st instinct (and 2nd and 3rd) was to fight for what we thought was right, but after costly lawyer's fees and many negative conversations, we ultimately realized that fighting the suit would not serve us.  We were told by our lawyers that we would most likely win the case but at the tune of $100k and upwards.  As you can imagine, those dollars would serve our company much better in other ways. So we found our inner zen and decided to cave.  In the words of a very wise woman....
Our Milk & Honey scent has always been one of our top 3 sellers and we WILL NOT be changing the scent blend.  What we have done is taken a big ole' pile of lemons and made some lemonade.  Effective immediately, this blend is now called APIARY NO. 55 and 10% of all sales (both retail and wholesale) will be donated to a local 501(c) called The Bee Cool Program.  More information on this program can be found here. There are a few exciting updates to come, including a Formulary 55 custom bee house and 24/7 bee cams that our customers will be able to watch.
Thank you for listening and being a part of the Formulary 55 narrative. We feel we have turned something negative into a positive both for the bees and for our local community. 



I am sorry you had to change the name of your milk and honey soap and product line. It is my most favorite soap ever and get it whenever I can. As noted by another poster, the term is from the 5 Books of Moses/Old Testament and their move to sue you is absolutely gross. However, you reap what you sow, and that is on them. Your fans know the amazing product you create, and so my new favorite soap is APIARY NO. 55!

Jan 28, 2020

My :

I totally understand because I’m such a principal person. Im glad that you decided to save the costly lawyer fees. Cheers!

Jan 28, 2020

Ashley N Prevost:

So glad this scent isn’t going away. It is my favorite. Also, lame Milk and Honey Spa in Austin, Texas. I will be boycotting you and spending those dollars here to save the bees!

Jan 28, 2020

Joanne Rossman:

Good for you! Always better to take the high road no one wins with a fight like this. I will order for my store. Always love your products made with care and attention and well packaged. Best of luck!

Jan 26, 2020

Paula DiRenzo:

Maybe Israel should sue them…they’ve been referred to as the land of Milk and Honey for a lot longer

Jan 26, 2020

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