Aenon’s is a skin care and grooming line designed for men and women who want to integrate natural, effective, and hassle-free products into their daily care routine without sacrificing comfort or convenience. Located in Los Angeles, California, I feel in love with their single use facial masks.


Meet The Maker – Queenie of Aenon's 

Why did you start your company?

I have sensitive skin, so finding the right beauty products has always been a challenge. Making matters worse, a recent move from New York City to Los Angeles left my skin extremely dry and easily irritated. I tried many different brands at a variety of price points but nothing seemed to work and some even made me break out! As I was cleaning through my bathroom drawers I was surprised by how many products I had accumulated over the years. And even more shocking? The lengthy list of ingredients they all seemed to contain. All of the money I had been spending on what I thought were healthy, natural beauty products had actually been going to cheap fillers and chemical substitutes. In fact, the more I learned about the ingredients used in most beauty products, the less I wanted to use them. My search for natural alternatives led me to the study of folk medicine and herbalism, approaches that I use today in the construction of Aenon's line of minimal, versatile and honest beauty products.

What is the favorite product you make and why?

It's hard to choose! I recently created a new batch of face oils though, and I think that might be the one...for now at least. I love the smell of herb infused oil – it gives off a medicinal, but also earthy scent. Initially, some of my customers expressed concern about using oils on their face, but my ingredients are specially selected for their easy absorption into the skin, so all of that trepidation goes out the window once people try my face oils. Aesthetically, the herb infusion brings out the rich, golden hues of the oil, which makes it as beautiful in the bottle as it is on your skin.

What is a favorite bath/body brand of yours that you don't make and why?

My favorite brand is Coola. Unlike some other SPF products, Coola feels great on your skin – not greasy or oily. I'm particularly fond of the tinted moisturizer.

What do you do besides make products?

I love to cook, go hiking in the canyons and spend time with my husband, cat and dog, while searching for my next new idea or inspiration.

What is the favorite part of your job?

I truly enjoy the process of researching, experimenting and creating a new product. Between delving into traditional and alternative remedies, cross-checking with the latest FDA and government research and even designing the labels, creating a new part of the Aenon's line is a huge amount of work, but being able to create something new, natural and effective makes it all worthwhile.

Favorite motto or quote?

I first heard this quote attributed to Leonardo da Vinci, but I've since learned that there's some debate over whether he actually said it or not. Regardless, “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication,” is a quote that speaks to my life, product development and even my visual aesthetic, and is something I want to come through in every product in the Aenon's line.

Keep your eye on Aenon’s.  They are a brand new company (opened in 2014) with some gorgeously simple products and skin care.  For now we are selling their facial masks, but you can find their entire line here.