meet the maker - park soap

Park Soap is simply the most natural line of soap you can find.  Made for the bathing purist with the highest of standards.  These generously sized soaps are carefully handmade in the traditional cold process method in small batches.  Only the highest quality, organic and sustainable oils are used.  No synthetic fragrances, dyes, sodium laureth sulfates or parabens are ever included.  I met the owner of Park Soap at the New York Stationery Show this last spring and was instantly taken with these chunky botanical soaps.   If you love naturally pure and subtly scented soaps, this is the brand for you.  

Sherri Jackson

Meet The Maker – Sherri of Park Soap

What is a favorite product you make and why?

Activated charcoal soap.  I love the way it looks like black glass when I'm mixing it up and the way it takes on an almost lava-like appearance shortly after I pour it into molds.  It's also my favorite product to use.

What do you do besides make products?

I have a "day job" in the legal department of an investment management company, so that's what I do with myself when I'm not making bath products.  I also volunteer once a week with a NYC animal rescue group called KittyKind, which is immensely rewarding.  It's also a bit dangerous, because I've adopted 3 kitties (Stella, Rufus and Pippa) from the group and find it increasingly difficult to not want to bring home a new critter every week.

What do you think is the secret of your success?

I think it's the fact that my products are very straightforward.  Every ingredient I use has a beneficial purpose for the skin - I never add superfluous ingredients for the sake of making the products prettier or perfumey.  I'm also devoted to making sure the ingredients I use are natural, organic if possible, sustainable and not detrimental to the environment or to the individuals and communities involved with producing and harvesting the ingredients.

What is the most rewarding part of your job?

I love getting feedback from people who have used my products. I recently heard from one woman who shared that my charcoal soap helped improve her love life! She said her husband had been using some natural, but very stinky products on his face and as a result, she wasn’t that interested in getting too close to him. He started using my charcoal soap, which is unscented, and he loves it, so now she’s moving in for smooches every chance she gets.

Favorite motto or quote?

Keep it simple.


Although Park Soap is mainly known for their bath soaps, I am loving their body scrubs and bath soaks.  Try the Tumeric Sea Salt soak when you are feeling achy and tired.  Or the Ginger & Mustard one when you feel a cold coming on.